The Story

The Story

The Story – Bristol Wedding  Photographer – Steve Bates.

My name is Steve Bates. I am a Wedding and Family Portrait Photographer from Bristol.

The Story began with me practicing photography as a hobby, which quickly turned into a dream of becoming a professional photographer. This dream led me to the next page of the story, which was to gain work experience at local photography studios along with researching and learning anything and everything to do with this fabulous art form.

The Story continued when I decided to broaden my horizons by looking into Wedding Photography. An art form I was always very interested in because of my desire to capture images of special and intimate moments that not only get showcased on the wall by clients, but also remain in their hearts and memories for a lifetime,. I never quite knew where to begin or how it would work out, but in the end it seemed the best way was to just go for it, jump in with both feet and see where it would take me.

I started out by photographing friends and going along to weddings of my family members and ‘Uncle Bob-ing’ their wedding day. I was always respectful of the main photographer and always asked them beforehand. I am thankful to those photographers as some of them even went as far as to offer advice, which they didn’t have to do. After that I would second and even third shoot for photographers who were kind enough to pay me or allow me to use the images I took in my portfolio.

With the massive ongoing support of my family and friends I have been able to create my very own brand – Steve Bates Photographer, and Steve Bates Photographer is now recognised as a Wedding and Family Portrait Photographer, with many happy and satisfied clients across Bristol, Somerset and the surrounding areas.

The style of Steve Bates Photographer has been described by clients as “capturing the moment”, “telling the story” and “unobtrusive”, whilst also having the ability to organise and direct large groups ensuring my clients get all the shots that will help them remember their special day.

I am so lucky to be able to do something that I have a passion for and to be a part of one of the most important days of my client’s lives. I am thankful to them for letting me join their celebration and document their story.